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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sayangi Ibu Bapa Cara Adik

Kalau di tanya pada Adik, Siapa yang dia sayang lebih
Abah atau Umi
Pasti Adik akan jawab dua2 
Takde yang kurang, takde yang lebih
Dua2 sama banyak sayangnyer
Kalau ditanya lagi
Adik akan cakap rahsia, rahsia , rahsia
Dan kalau dipaksa2 
Adik akan menangis dan kata sambil keluar airmata
Adik sayang dua2 lah Umi ! Dua2....
( google image )
 Jadi sayangilah kedua2 ibu bapa kita selagi ada nyawa
Dan antara 10 sebabnyer 

10. Parents Are People Too

9. They Have Their Issues Too

8. Because They Have Your Best Interests At Heart

7. Because You Are Tied To Them

6. Because They Are the Very First Relationship of Your Life

5. Because They Did a Lot of Unpleasant Things for You

4. Because They Sacrificed a Lot for You

3. Because They Paid For Everything

2. Because They Gave You Your Name

1. Because They Love You

The most obvious reasons make it to the top most positions on most lists. That is usually because they are true. No one will love you as much as your parents do. No one is as close to you as your parents are. After they die, they will take with them a part of you that no one else in the world is privy to. They will also leave behind a part of them that they cherished to their last breath- You. It is important to make the most of the time you have. If you waited for epiphanies or lists like this to remind you of what’s important, then a lifetime of regret awaits you. Put your differences aside and celebrate the love you share.


NinaAz said...

Betul tuuuu. Dua2 kita syg. Sis. Hadiah dah smpi x. Jumaat lepas nina pos. Ngeeee

Nurzakiah Hanum said...


Lelaki Ini said...

sygilah ibu n bapa anda

Farah Waheda Wahid said...

i love matter what...heee...

Dylla Abas said...

Sayang kat hehehe...bagus adik ni..macam tulah bari adil..sayang dua2..tak lebih tak kurang :)

hazwan hairy said...

nice sharing KA

ummiross said...

hehe..tepat sekali jawapan adik, mestilah sayang dua2 kan..

Dee said...

betul tu..sayangilah keduanya tanpa berbelah bahagi..

ummiross said...

Salam KA..ummi nak tanya cara macamana KA buat gambar kat blog KA ni tak boleh right click,anak ummi cuba buat tapi bila besarkan gambar boleh copy pulak. Ada tutorial kat mana tak?Please kalau dapat kongsi link tutorial kalau ada ye KA.

Mrs Velentine said...

betul tue...MV syang mak ayah MV

ALoNa CintamaniszLite said...

sebenarnya..jangan ditanya anak2 lebih syg sape. Sbb nanti perasaan dorang berbelah bagi. Ditelan mati mak...diluah mati bapak. Walaupun ibubapa sedang diulit bahagia.

Bkn pe, ia diibarat..mcm ibubapa yg ada masalah. Bila ibubapa berpisah..anak nk ikut sape?
Sy dh penah tgk situasi ni...kesian anak2 itu. Terkelip2 mata.

**itu pendapat sy sj, ye KA, hehe..

~Kak Nah Backyard (^_^)~ said...

kasih ibu membawa ke syurga, kasih bapa sepanjang zaman..=)

wantie said...

pandai sungguh KA nyakat adik. smapai ngalir air mata. memang susah nak decide tau.

betul tu.. sape tak sayang mak kan..

tapi hairan jugak ada yang tak suka ngan mak. hairan hairan..

tenku butang said...

pandai bg jawapan.. mmg dh teserlah kasih syg dia kan..

Haryati Faizal said...

betul tu kena syg dua2... takde beza antara ibu ngan ayah...

Acik Erna said...

cukup kuat kasih sayang sampai nangis..terharu acik

Noor said...

kena syg dua2 la..baru adil.tanpa mereka,kita pun mungkin x wujud.

Puan Bui Junaidi said...


Mizz Aiza said...

bagusnya jawapan anak KA.. aiza pun sayangkan mak&ayah aiza..

Knor said...

samalah anak2 knor..kadang2 bila di desak..membisu seribu bahasa.

mmg dua2 pun sayang..tapi kita ni saja je nak mainkan diorg..heheh

♥♥azatiesayang ♥♥ said...

Salam Kesuma...cara Adik tu yg buat ayah & umi tak cemburu..adilkan?:)

Tinta Lana said...


Takda beza kasih syg antara ibu dan bapa pada anaknya..jadi sbg anak, kita pun tak patut bezakan keduanya. Dua2 dah banyak berkorban mengikut keupayaan masing2..

ANIM said...

kesian adik, kena paksa..heeee...
jgn bagi adik tersepit, susah hati dibuatnya

CeqGu said...

hihi kesian adik kena sakat dengan umi n ayah dia. tentulah dia sayang dua dua

ummuaidan said...

sori KA lambat sampai, internet prblm smalam...
pandai adik..itulah yg sebaiknya tidak mengecilkan hati mana2 mak atau ayah...
pstt..thanks for the good words yer...:)

MystoryPic said...

Kalau suruh pilih memang tak boleh....

aizamia3 said...

bila tanya anak2 itulah jawapannya.. mesti sayang dua2.. ;)

Cikda said...

hahhaa.. apa la KA ni ..sampai nak paksa2 Adik tu..rajin sakat Adik.. tapi memang terharu kan.. alhamdulillah

Sue-Rya Qistina said...

saya pun berpendapat yg sama dgn ALoNa CintamaniszLite. kita tak boleh beza2kan kasih syg tu sebenarnya. kena ajar kita sayang semuanya, sampai bila2 dia akan ingat nnt. nak2 bila anak berumur 5-7 thn, otak diorg akan rakam apa yg disekelilingnya :)

Deqla Manjew said...

alolo..sweetnye adik... yela, kasih sygnya xkan la nak berbelah bagi buat ibubapanya kan...

Nora Karim said...

Adik be fair to both of you... Bagus adik ni... :D

BUNDA a.k.a KN said...

betul tu adik...sayang dua2 ek...bunda pun saaayang adik..

Ibu Lala said...

mesti la sayang dua dua KA. mana boleh sayang sorang je sebab dibesarkan oleh dua dua.

Fiza Rahman said...

Dua2 sayang. Tak der yg lebih...tak der yg kurang, sama rata ☺☺

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